Once in a Lifetime Studio Experience

The news from the first week of June 2006 in Living Sound Entertainment;

* Since the rates of Studio A were changed, more local musicians have booked “Studio LSE” for recording, mastering, and mixing. Check the new rates!

* We have just published the “Records” page of Living Sound Entertainment, please check the page and stay in tune.

* DJ A2C has been working on the “Remix” Album of j’mar records since the beginning of June-2006.
Bookmark this link, http://www.lseintl.com/records/online_store.html

* On June 2nd, j’ maran productions, a divison of Living Sound Entertainment, used one studio in South Boston for a photo session with an attractive young female who is inspiring to become a professional model.
The session was successfully managed by j’ maran productions’ crew. Charlie Caferalla was the photographer of that photo session.

* The model/talent page of j’ maran productions will be published sometime soon. Please, stick around LSE.

In brief, these are the equipment from the recording sessions that were used last month in Studio A.

DAW: Pro-tools HD3 with (PT) version 7.1
Microphones: NEUMANN U87 Ai
Microphone Preamps: AVALON AD 2022(Dual Channel)
Cables: Mogami and Monster Cables
Computer:Mac Dual 2.3 GHz PowerPc G5 with Memory 4.5 GB DDR SDRam, Power Book 17-inch 1.33 GHz PowerPC G4 With 1.5 GB DDR SDRAM,
Headphone Amps: FURMAN HA-6AB with HR-2 Headphone Remotes
Headphone: Sony MDR-CD900ST, Sony MDR-F1, AKG K271 Studio

Office P: 617-782-5734
E-mail: info@LSEintl.com

News of April and May

April and May were an incredibly busy month at the studio A of Living Sound Entertainment (LSE) with an extremely diverse mix sessions. Attention-grabbing singer Shawn Hill worked in studio A for over non-stop three days with producer Jaw Maran for his next single album. A2C was the assistant engineer for the sessions.

We were happy to welcome back Fumitake Igarashi who continues to work on his project for EMI in Studio A. Jaw engineered and mastered the sessions. Take and Jaw were having a hard time to deliver the project to EMI according to the deadline

* One of the future rappers of j’mar records-a division of LSE, Quelly, has performed on a new song, Joyful, for EMI’s project.
* The live tracking sessions took place in studio A for the local guitarist. He rocks!
* We were happy to work for Joe Jennings who is a young talent. The demo has just finished.

Fortunately, these are the sample list for this month from the equipment list of Studio A

Console: Digidesign pro-control with fader pack
DAW:Pro-tools HD3 with (PT) version 7.1
Microphones: NEUMANN U87 Ai,NEUMANN 184 Match Pair, BLUE Kiwi , BLUE Blueberry, EARTH WORKS QTC1MP, ROYER R-122,AUDIO-TECHNICA AE2500, RODE NT-2, AKG B-2000, SHURE SM-57s, SHURE SM-58s
Outboard Gears: FOCUSRITE Red-2 EQ, UNIVERSAL AUDIO 6176 Channel Strip, UNIVERSAL AUDIO LA-2A, ANTARES Microphone Modeler AMM-1, ANTARES AutoTune ATR-1a, DANGEROUS 2-BUS Summing Box.

Enjoy the difference!
Office P: 617-782-5734
E-mail: info@LSEintl.com